ASIS CPP Preparatory Training

ASIS certified protection professional is typically considered as “Gold Standard” certification which is applicable for the security management professionals as it shows your knowledge and competency in seven domain keys accordingly in the sector of security. Security campus certified protection professional training would make you to better understand critical thinking and take higher responsibilities in the security field and also to work with higher value and integration as the securit

y in any organization takes a major role in building a safety satisfactory relief for the employee to work efficiently as well as in a secured harmonious environment. Security campus training is interactive and beneficial, You will be actively involved in the learning process as deep understanding and learning is the most common and important factor to get certified under the ASIS certified protection professional. Security campus training process on certified protection professional is highly effective and productive where you or anyone learning this procedural training session gets benefit throughout this superficial training session. Our training session teaches and substantiates every prospect and aspect of the certified protection professional where there is a core of information and knowledge provided superficially on the security field all from the tip to the toe. When it also comes to the security deceives exponential program. Therefore, for the better experience in the knowledge about security and safety of a particular site such as government bodies, petrochemical plants, factories, homes, organization blocks, companies, and so on, the learning of ASIS certified protection professional. The ASIS CPP® course will enhance your career opportunities by demonstrating management skills in seven key security domains of the ASIS CPP. It is one of the most widely recognized security management qualifications in the world.

Security campus ASIS CPP training session will teach you the important part of the subject and we will test your knowledge on domains and will provide you with the exams to know how much you have understood from our training and how beneficial is our training session to you? There is no limit applied to attend our training session as security campus ASIS CPP training session can be attended anywhere through the internet at your convenience. Getting certified in ASIS CPP will be a plus point to enhance your carrier opportunity by demonstrating the major management skill in the security domain,

After successfully enrolling in security campus ASIS CPP training, you will be joined to the learning platform where the host will upload all the required study materials. We will enclose every core content from the ASIS CPP Protection of Assets and Standards & Guidelines. We will make you directly consume the relevant parts of ASIS CPP in our training and then the self-assessment test will be given.

Core Content

• Security principles and practices
• Business principles and practices
• Investigations
• Personnel security
• Physical security
• Information security
• Crisis management

Eligibility Criteria

To attend the certification from ASIS CPP one must have a minimum of nine years of experience in the security field where the candidate should have been responsible charge for security function. The eligibility criteria of ASIS CPP also mentions clearly that the trainee must have earned a bachelor’s degree or should have higher education from an accredited institution, and have seven years of experience in the security field and the trainee must be an employee full-time in a security-related role, not have been convicted of any criminal offenses that would reflect negatively on the security profession. Definition of these eligibility forms can be found in the Certification Handbook superficially prepared for the beginner trainees.

We offer you

  • An appraisal for seven domains. Each evaluation consists of 100 questions
  • Coaching to support you through your studies.
  • Access to a unique online support library rich in additional learning resources.
  • More than 2,000 questions with answer checklists practice multiple choice questions, including two mock exams.

About the ASIS CPP Preparatory Training Examination

The ASIS CPP® exam is taken over 4 hours, with a maximum of 225 multiple-choice questions. Questions will be asked based on the domains  Security principles and practices,  business principles, and practices, Investigations, Personnel Security, Physical Security, Information security, Crisis management
Please note that the exam fee for ASIS CPP is not included in our packages. You are responsible for booking the ASIS CPP examination.

Who will benefit from this course ?

Experienced security professionals can benefit from the career-enhancing values ​​held by ASIS  CPP. It is board certification, is internationally recognized, and demonstrates a consistent commitment to sustainable professional development.
Mode of Delivery:
online Training
Course Availability:
1 year
Skill Level:

$ 200.00 $ 400.00

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