ASIS PSP Preparatory Training

ASIS PSP certification will enable security professionals to assess security risk in a particular area and provide appropriate solutions to protect property from the threat of damage. Security Campus the ASIS P

SP preparation covers the three main domains of the PSP that have played a key role in the management of physical security. During this period of professional utility training, one is taught in-depth about physical security assessment, application, design, and the best implementation of Security measures for participating in the ASIS  PSP exam. This ASIS PSP training will enrich a specialized knowledge in the field of security, which will help critics think and take immediate action when needed. Therefore, an ASIS PSP training helps an individual to achieve a high value and integrated security job as security in an organization plays an important role in providing an employee with efficient as well as security satisfactory comfort.

Security campus training is highly effective and productive, and you or any of the participants in our ASIS Physical Security Profession training session will benefit personally, as this training teaches all the core topics of the ASIS PSP from tip to toe. When it comes to the Security Fraud Exponential Program, ASIS Physical Security plays an extraordinary role in professional security organizations, companies, and even the government. Security Campus Training for ASIS PSP  recognizes emergencies and hazards that may arise in the event of an accident, as well as the skills required by the trainee to make decisions and take action when a hazardous situation approaches.  Therefore, the study of the ASIS PSP is essential for a better knowledge of the safety and security of a particular site, such as government agencies, petrochemical plants, factories, organization blocks, and companies.

Security Campus will provide ASIS PSP training online, which will help you to achieve better results while sitting for the ASIS PSP exam. ASIS PSP® (Physical Security Professional) is a board certification that will enable you to be recognized around the world. When you get the certificate from the ASIS PSP exam, you can use the nominal ‘PSP’ with your name.

The ASIS Physical Security Professional is a certification that helps company employers know that a person has dedicated his or her life to gaining knowledge about physical safety. The certificate ensures that the individual has a clear understanding of the risk assessment and that the risk is handled promptly. In addition, ASIS PSP ensures that an individual specializes in analysing emerging threats, providing instant security, and finding solutions immediately. We employ our security professionals and highly skilled representatives as caregivers for students in teaching security officers the ways to follow. Our highly qualified security professionals ensure that learners can reach the level of obtaining a Physical Security Professional Certificate by enhancing their knowledge through real-life examples. Through time and patience, our professional teachers will ensure that learners are able to evaluate, analyse, identify and implement safety measures as well as address broader threats. From now on, our representatives will be able to achieve the goal of being recognized as a Physical Security Professional Certificate Successful Certification

Core Content

Physical security assessment

Application, design, and integration of physical security systems

Implementation of physical security measures

Eligibility Criteria

 Four years of progressive experience in the physical security field, bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited institution of higher education as well as the eligibility form requires six years of progressive experience in the physical security field, high school diploma, GED equivalent, or associative degree. The eligibility doesn’t end here, it also includes the trainee to be employed full-time in a security-related role, not have been convicted of any criminal offense that would reflect negatively on the security profession.

We offer you

  • An appraisal for seven domains. Each evaluation consists of 100 questions
  • Coaching to support you through your studies.
  • Access to a unique online support library rich in additional learning resources.
  • More than 2,000 questions with answer checklists practice multiple choice questions, including two mock exams.

About the ASIS PSP Preparatory Training Examination

 The ASIS PSP® exam is a maximum of 140 multiple-choice questions. Questions will be asked based on the domains like Physical security assessment, Application, design, and integration of physical security systems, Implementation of physical security measures

Who will benefit from this course ?

Experienced security professionals can benefit from the career-enhancing values ​​held by ASIS  PSP . It is board certification, is internationally recognized, and demonstrates a consistent commitment to sustainable professional development.

Mode of Delivery:
online Training
Course Availability:
1 year
Skill Level:

$ 200.00 $ 400.00

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