Certified Physical Security consultant

Physical Security consultant course provides a fundamental overview of the procedures and concepts in security measures to reduce the security vulnerabilities of an organization. Physical Security Consultant course will beneficial for every security professionals who are looking forward to consultation and implementation of a security system as a part of the organization. This CPSC course will teach you how to successfully proceed with the main domains such as Risk Assessment, Planning and Design of Security Solutions, Physical Security Means and Technologic Security Systems, Design and Tendering Process, Implementation, Management of Security.

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CTCB ON DEMAND fully supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Chrome book platforms. Support is available for IOS (iPads) and Android Tablets. While smartphones can be used, the screens are too small to display all of the aspects of the Virtual Classroom. For the best online learning experience, the use of a device with a larger screen is HIGHLY recommended. A physical keyboard is also recommended. 

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We prepare you for the best security certification in the world through intensive training.

Each of our courses are designed to meet the specific needs of security professionals. We ensure high-quality academic and training programs in various sectors of the security industry. When giving a training session our trainer considers their own experience and insights and prepares innovative course content to shape the technical education required for the security industry.

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We prepare you for the best security certification in the world through intensive training. All of our instructors are experienced trainers with extensive knowledge in the field of advanced security. We use a variety of teaching techniques and strategies to better understand the subject being covered.Our courses are designed to meet the needs of security personnel at all levels. Our training module includes assignment-based distance learning, interactive classroom session, an exclusive e-learning platform, and online tests. We provide intense supervision and special support to candidates to plan the path to success.

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online Training
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1 year
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$ 90.00 $ 150.00