Cyber vulnerabilities are increasing day by day and we need to take a stand against it. Security campus is the one of the best training provider

03 Jul, 2021

The Security Campus questioned workers at various sectors to find out how their modes of operation had changed as a result of the Corvid pandemic and how it was working remotely. The findings were extremely bad, with 46% commenting that they use their devices regularly for personal reasons, especially when it comes to connecting with various common smart home devices, such as voice assistants, home theater, and so on

While the data indicate that many workers are aware of the cybersecurity risks associated with working remotely, this does not seem to translate into behavioral changes.

For example, the survey found that 46% of people are aware of cyber-attacks while working remotely, and one-third argue that their employer is not adequate to protect them.

However, despite this awareness, two-thirds said it is difficult to practice good digital hygiene, and a large portion of it is due to a lack of training on what it means and how to achieve it realistically.

Cybercriminals begin cyber-attacks at the weakest point - the remote worker. Businesses that initially compromised on cybersecurity to accelerate the transition to homework are at high risk. In order to provide a business continuity management system standard, they need to address cyber risks now and help protect their workers, business, and resources in the future. 

Develop skills

Security Campus has launched a cybersecurity awareness course to help you address some of the identified gaps, especially in providing low-cost education to employees and bridging the growing skills gap in cybersecurity.

Security Campus cybersecurity awareness programs contain a mix of instructor-led sessions and real-case scenarios to provide students with the resources and practical skills they need to ensure they can work safely and keep their data safe. All organizations are developing rapidly.

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