I am happy to say that Security Campus fulfilled all my expectations and provided the course in an amazing way. The courses offered are certainly relevant to current security industry practices.

Mr. Adwerd Rasponit , CSO Eagle Tech Security LLP

Cyber security

The security campus was very supportive and encouraged me to clear the ASIS CPP exams. I can confirm that the training method and training materials are well organized, which motivated me to study and prepare for the CPP exam.

Rajkumar Rajputra , Garuda Security Ltd


From start to finish, attending ASIS PSP Virtual Training was effective and helped me to earn a certificate in ASIS PSP. I found that ASIS PSP virtual training covers all subjects of PSP. I strongly recommend Security Campus Training if anyone wanted to take any ASIS course.

Thomasan Dunken, Intronics security LLP